About Me

Hi there! I'm Carolina, the blogger behind the scenes.

Where I'm from, where I've been

Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, but I have spent my entire adult life abroad. I lived in Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton) for 10 years, spent a summer in France, another one in Germany, 1.5 years in Switzerland and now I am in Colombia! I speak three languages (English, Spanish, French), and after a lot of whisky I might try to speak German.

A mishmash of interests

BOOKS. MUSIC. ART. SCIENCE. Former beer brewer and ballerina. Licensed scuba diver. I got a collection of degrees - two that say I am a scientist, one that says I am a business woman. I love heavy metal festivals, concerts, and travelling to see my favorite bands perform. I am still close to my roots bloody roots (Sepultura reference) so my salsa music collection is just as big as my metal collection. I've got a bucket list of places I want to visit, and in the next little while I want to travel more around Latin America. I've started adding some blog posts about my trips around Colombia, read more here

The Unlikely Fashionista

I don't consider myself a fashionista in the sense that I am devoted to all things fashion. I am somewhere in between calling it a day and throwing on a shirt and a pair of pants and being deliberate about what enters my closet. It is an odd thing to say, since I am a "fashion blogger", but I find myself caring a lot about this topic because I refuse to believe that this is how things are done in the fashion world. There is a better way that is not the race to the bottom...

Let's Work Together 

The light-hearted introduction aside, I want to get a bit serious now and talk about what makes me get out of bed every day. I have always worked in sustainability and I've decided to blog about ethical and sustainable fashion because it is not as superficial as it seems. This is an industry that touches just about every aspect of modern life. From growing the seed to the finished garment, there are thousands of resources and people involved. Imagine if something that seems so vain as fashion became the golden standard for sustainability and values-based business! That's the kind of world I want to live in. 

Email me: info@conscious-fashionista.com