My closet space (bottom rack belongs to the husband)

My closet space (bottom rack belongs to the husband)

The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

I thought I was some sort of minimalist until today. I don't shop regularly, I got clothes that are more than 5-10 years old and I even have clothes that used to belong to my mom and sister...the new things I have added to my closet are from ethical and sustainable brands. So I thought I was doing alright! The picture to the left is my closet. Besides that rack (which is the smallest closet space I have ever had) I also have a chest of 4 drawers, one of which I use to store my t-shirts and pants. The other three are for pijamas, workout clothes and underwear.

I thought that having such a small space meant that I surely owned like 50 items (not counting beach wear, workout clothes, pijamas, underwear and my metal t-shirts). Turns out I got 75 pieces of clothing! I counted them today, after I got rid of a few things that I never used and had to accept that I never would. 

To make matters even more shameful, plenty of it is underutilized. I crunched the numbers, and I am not wearing about half of my clothes! Sure, some of those are party dresses but I literally have 2 dressy tops and 3 party dresses, so that's not the root of the issue. 

The truth is that I am lazy. I work from home so I basically live in my pijamas, that doesn't help either. I'm pretty sure that most of the time one of my body parts is wearing a dress is a premeditated act because I have to shave! (Yes I know I could rebel against society's opinion on feminine body hair but I gotta choose my battles, and my battle is to be proud of my curly hair).

I keep choosing the normal, expected outfit combinations and I don't venture out of that comfort zone. Since it is June 1st, I thought I would make it fun and accountable and motivate myself to: 

  • be more creative in my outfit combinations 
  • wear the clothes that I have been ignoring for the past couple of months 
  • see how many unique outfit combinations I can come up with until the end of the year!