How to repurpose a wedding dress into a skirt

Last year, I bought some party dresses from The Reformation. I got my wedding dress, my pre-wedding photoshoot outfit and this party dress for my friend’s wedding in Madrid.

Friends from College (better than the TV show though) 

Friends from College (better than the TV show though) 

I don’t go to formal events that often, so having this dress sitting in the back of the closet made no sense to me when it was so easy to repurpose it into a maxi skirt.

Let's just say I wasn't "putting my hands up in the air"!

Let's just say I wasn't "putting my hands up in the air"!

Besides, this was one of those dresses that I bought because they looked amazing online, but I didn’t think about the implications of having what was basically a flap of fabric covering my entire torso. This dress was not forgiving, not something you want to wear if you want to get “Spring Break wasted” at your bestie’s wedding lol.

The Repurposing Project: Turning a Wedding Dress into a Maxi Skirt 

Full credits to my mother-in-law for turning my dress into a maxi skirt!

I styled it three different ways and I picked the last one as my Sunday outfit around Manizales:

Style it with a cropped topped, pretty flip flops and a hat

I love this outfit because it’s got a lot of sustainable credentials. Obviously, the skirt is from The Reformation. The crop top was a gift from Enchanted Rebels, it is made from organic cotton and in a Fairwear factory in India.

Reformation Skirt Crop Top Organic Cotton

The hat is a traditional Ecuadorian Panama Hat that I won at a giveaway! Sadly, the e-commerce shop that stocked them doesn’t exist anymore, but I did a bit of research and found out that the makers of the hats are still around! The hat was made by Y PRYMAL (now GVITERI) in Ecuador and hand embroidered in Africa by artisans from Indego Africa.

Panama Hat Indego Africa Gviteri Ecuador

Style with a t-shirt

Maxi Skirt Summer Style Outfit

This idea, of course, was straight outta Pinterest. I picked one of my favorite t-shirts, a white tee with little devil prints that I bought at the Museo Botero in Medellin. I wore this with my classic Fortress of Inca sandals (same ones I used in my Summer10x10 Capsule Challenge).

How to Style Maxi Skirt Summer Outfit

Tuck in a black shirt and wear a statement necklace

How to Maxi Skirt Reformation People Tree Summer

This outfit (except for the hat) is made from ethical and sustainable brands. The top is from People Tree, and it is an organic cotton top, hand oven in Bangladesh by Artisan Hut (see the label below). The necklace is from Ten Thousand Villages and I purchased it through the e-shop Love Justly.

People Tree Organic Cotton Label

I paired it with my favorite tote bag which I got at the Thyssen museum in Madrid (I have a weakness for Museum Shops as you can see) and headed out for a nice afternoon of coffee and books.

Sunday outfit sustainable fashion

After the trials and errors of dating, I knew I could not marry someone who didn’t understand that I need time to read. I am known to put life on hold if that means I get to finish my book. So instead of being accused of marital negligence, I found another bookworm who understands that reading is a way of life! We have a happy ritual where we go to a coffee shop, sit in absolute silence, order our drinks and read. Our favorite place to do this is La Suiza coffee shop because they have a nice terrace, good coffee and desserts. And no crappy bossa nova covers playing in the background...

The book I am reading is something I found at the airport in Bogota and I like reading it in public because the title is awkward: Shit and Love. 

It’s actually an enjoyable read, I’m still in the first part and I am waiting on the part that the relationship falls apart and somehow, he becomes a transsexual woman (I am not ruining the book, this is how the story begins!)

Cafe La Suiza Manizales Colombia

It was too hot for chocolate or coffee, so I had a mocha drink with a bit of brandy and Chantilly cream. Yummm!

Cafe La Suiza Manizales Colombia Eje Cafetero

I am surprised that I ended up liking this skirt so much, I had been fancying maxi skirts and maxi dresses for a while but never got around buying one because I didn't think it would fit me...but finding a new life to my dress was the perfect excuse to try it out! 

On my way to watch Game of Thrones lol WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO ON A SUNDAY EVENING! 

On my way to watch Game of Thrones lol WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO ON A SUNDAY EVENING! 

How did you like these three ways to style a maxi skirt?