Three Style Tips to Stay Warm and Fashionable this Fall

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This week we have a guest blog post by Julian Tate Powell! Julian is a personal stylist based in California and she shares her love of fashion and sustainability in her blog High Wasted. Just like Julian, my journey into all things eco-fashion started with an understanding of my style and getting creative with what I already own. Enjoy the read! 🤗

When I first started brainstorming for this guest blog post, I was about to teach you all different ways to wear a turtleneck for the millionth time. It’s been done. Instead, I was inspired by nightlife. While autumn is a blissful change from months of scorching heat, dressing for it has usually been an issue for me because sweaters are too bulky and sufficient coats aren’t flattering. Not a great combination when you still want to look cute for a night out, right? That’s when I challenged myself to style outfits where I can keep warm and feel sexy. Just because you want to dress sustainable and warm and cozy, doesn’t mean it should look dull. Everything I styled here are clothes that have either been thrifted or have had for years. I encourage you not to duplicate the looks, but instead take inspiration from any part of the outfit and make it your own! 

Outfit 1: Key Color   

Julian Tate Powell fall style

For this look, I styled by a very simple concept that I learned years ago and still use today. Choose one key color from your wardrobe you want to highlight and make the rest of the outfit neutral. In my case, I chose my rosy taupe coat and a grey sweater to go with my grey skirt to accomplish this. You can also see this concept being used in my St. Patrick’s Day post when the key color was, of course, green! There, you can see the key color green being used, not only on top, but also in the form of pantyhose and a dress, so get creative! Customize the outfit with your favorite jewelry and you have a simple outfit to last you all night. 

Thrifted: grey sweater

Julian Tate Powell fall style
Julian Tate Powell fall style

Outfit 2: Play with Proportion  

Julian Tate Powell fall style

In my hometown, the Padre Hotel is a historic landmark that doubles as a restaurant/bar lounge. The atmosphere served as a muse for this next look, picturing myself at a classy bar with my girls. I don’t know how many of you own a crop sweater. Maybe that’s just a Southern California thing where we crop literally everything. If you do happen to own one or feel like snipping off one of your old ones, you can wear it without your midriff being left out in the cold. This outfit is easier to put together with a dress but if you have a long skirt that sits high on your waist, then that will do just as well. And if the dress is long sleeve like mine is, all the better with layering in cooler weather! If not, pull the outfit together with a classic blazer and delicate jewelry.

Thrifted: blazer

Julian Tate Powell fall style
Julian Tate Powell Fashion Stylist

Outfit 3: Inside Out   

Julian Tate Powell ethical style.jpg

I guess you could say this last look (and my favorite) is for the flirty girl that’s just dying to come out. I got this bra with and for my ex-girlfriend but never ended up using it. For a while, the bra served no purpose without her since she’s the one who picked it out so it just sat in my drawer. Now I wear it proudly out for everyone to see, acknowledging that the relationship happened and it’s time to move on. As far as the mechanics of this outfit, it goes a little like this: lightweight turtleneck + bralette. Plus, turtlenecks these days come in an array of colors, textures, and patterns, so have fun and be bold with the endless combinations! With this turtleneck and leather jacket I found in my local thrift shop, I will be wearing this combination again at concerts this Fall. 

Thrifted: turtleneck and leather jacket

Julian Tate Powell Fashion Stylist
warm cozy fall style

When experimenting with these looks, don’t forget your basics! It is still 90 degrees here in California, so I was sweating the entire time. But believe me, if it was colder, I would be wearing my long sleeve tees underneath these outfits to keep warm. Also, I may be wearing a skirt in 2 of 3 of my outfits, but don’t feel like you can’t wear pants when trying it yourself, if that’s your thing. Whether you’re going out to a concert, to a bar, or just for a bite to eat, be warm and be comfortable no matter what you’re wearing. 

About Julian: 

My name is Julian and I'm a personal stylist with a conscious touch. Growing up in Southern California, I was taught to never waste anything. I knew in my heart I couldn't pursue any career in fashion living in ignorance.
I like to believe that people are starting to realize that style and sustainability can coexist. The next obstacle I see is how consumers find it difficult to transition. That's where I come in. My mission as a stylist is to make it easier for my clients to build a sustainable wardrobe. My blog, High Wasted, and my YouTube channel are my platforms to show how simple being eco-friendly can be. I encourage curiosity and to ask questions about the fashion industry.

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Hope you liked Julian's style tips - I definitely want to try the underwear-as-outerwear trend (just need to make an excuse to dress up 😝)!