Summer10x10 Capsule Recap

capsule wardrobe challenge
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I started off the #summer10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge with determination, but in the spirit of transparency I will also tell you the truth - I did not make it until the end. The biggest reason was that by the time Sunday came, I had to wash almost all of my clothes and I got too lazy. Between the work we did to pull of the conference we were organizing (and subsequent celebrations) and the 12 hours I spent getting from one city to the could understand how my levels of giving AF were low on Sunday. All I did was binge-watch Game of Thrones to get ready for the season premiere, but the gods of HBO GO decided that us underlings did not deserve the live streaming we paid for. We also had three power outages that night, thought I am not sure if that had anything to do with the premiere. 

Sure, I could have picked it up on Monday, but I was also too sick to care. I am currently fighting an allergy infection so it doesn't become into a full-blown cold. I have a super sentient body that knows when it's okay to  drop the ball on life and curl up in bed (same thing happened after my wedding!). I have 1 week to be sick all I want, next week my mom and grandma are coming to visit me! 

Lessons Learned from the #summer10x10 challenge

Again, here are the pieces I picked. You can read about the sustainability credentials of each in my previous post

  • I wanted to use as much sustainable/ethical items as possible, so I limited my capsule to those items. I don't own that many, and that's why I had a lot of printed tops. I bought them to complement my other basics which are not sustainable/ethical. Having too many prints made it very predictable, I could only match the tops with one of the two pants (only a few could be combined with the skirt). Next time I would balance the prints with neutral colors. 
  • Undecided about the shoes. Is counting them as part of the challenge harder to mix and match, or did I choose the wrong pairs for this capsule? I only ended up wearing the booties three times, which is not bad considering I only did the challenge for 6 days. Counting the shoes as part of the challenge is HARD. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't count the shoes. I didn't realize how important it is for me to tie my outfit with the shoes I am wearing! For me, the shoes make the outfit, so limiting to 1-2 pairs felt like I was wearing a uniform. Now that I am looking at the photos it doesn't seem that way, but in the day to day I felt I was being redundant with my outfits. 
  • I thought that I would go crazy with the accessories to create different looks. Turns out, because of the tops I picked, I didn't feel like I had a lot of room for accessories. I did use a scarf in multiple ways, so I achieved that goal! 
  • The challenge was an excellent packing list, I even did some outfit combinations that were outside the ones I originally designed (I came up with 11 as you can see below). I had an unexpected business meeting on Friday and I had not packed another business outfit, so I wore the striped shirt with the trousers. 
  • If you decide to do this challenge, at some point you will need to do laundry (especially in the summer, pants can be worn multiple times but shirts? ew!) So I would carefully plan the order in which you will wear each outfit so you are not stuck with a dirty top or forced to do laundry more than necessary (which is a waste of time and water).  

Some surprises in the 10x10 challenge:

  • I'm still not convinced about the striped top with the skirt. Yay or nay? Maybe if I wore it with different shoes...
  • Instead of just doing the typical shirt + trouser mixing and matching I tried to use my Ekyog dress in three different ways. I had used it before with the People Tree skirt, but I had never paired it with trousers. I felt a bit like Frankie (Grace and Frankie) and even my husband said that the style was not me at all, but I liked it, I surprised myself with it! I think this is something I would wear on a lazy Sunday.  The bralette that I wore in that outfit is from NYC HarMonica Designs

All in all, I'd do this experiment again! How about you, will you join the 10x10 challenge?