Stylish And Affordable Pieces From Ethical Brands

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Has Fall arrived in your town? I've put together a board of black and white basics for the fall (actually, I think you can wear these year round!)

I searched high and low for affordable clothes too - while "affordable" is a relative term, I think it is reasonable to pay $68 for a pair of jeans that were made in a facility with high environmental standards! 

I couldn't help myself and I got the ASOS shirt, it's got all the prints I love, stripes AND leopard print! Expect some outfit photos soon! 😁

There are plenty of combinations that you can make from these 20 items, but to keep it short and sweet I am showing you 9 different outfits, just enough to spark your imagination 😜. I did the count, and with the 15 pieces of clothing (not counting the accessories), you can easily mix and match for a total of 32 combinations!

Layer with your favorite jacket and you are good to go!

Outfit #1

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Outfit #2

fall ethical fashion.jpg

Outfit #3

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Outfit #4


Outfit #5

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Outfit #6


Outfit #7

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Outfit #8

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Outfit #9

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Shop the looks below!