Striped Shirts from Ethical Brands

I've scoured the web to find this season's striped shirts and dresses, all from ethical fashion brands, and all items under 50 +/- 5 USD (or GBP or EUR, depending on where in the world you are right now!) 

People Tree

For over 25 years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. 

Armed Angels

We love beautiful, organic and fair products. With a great team it’s our mission to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high quality materials with beautiful design. Instead of chasing the latest trends we focus on modern, contemporary collections.


Komodo has been a pioneer brand, promoting the use and development of Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel and other natural fibres since the early 90s. Equally important was the welfare of the suppliers and people who work in the small factory units that make our clothes. There needs to be loyalty and respect to make a good deal for all and we still visit our factories for at least 2 months+ each year to ensure that any problems are solved together.

Threads 4 Thought

Today, Threads 4 Thought is a full lifestyle brand of fashion that is produced responsibly & supports sustainable initiatives like the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots program. 

Thought (Previously known as Braintree Clothing)

Creating Thoughtful Clothing alone isn't enough. We value doing the right thing and want to feel good about everything we touch. That means we work ethically. From the fabrics we use, to how we design and make and deliver our garments. We think about every impact our business has. And it's with the greater aim of minimising our environmental footprint.

Mudd & Water

Mudd and Water is an organic clothing company based at a beautiful watermill in Little Waltham. We produce clothes which are ethical, organic & sustainable.


A company with a slower “back to basics” approach to fashion focused on creating clothes that were timeless and well made and rejecting the idea of fast fashion.