My first Summer 10x10 Capsule Wardobe

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Perhaps you have already heard of the 10x10 challenge that Lee from StyleBee started in 2015. The 10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge is very simple: pick 10 items (includes shoes) from your closet, and style them in 10 different ways for 10 days. This time, Caroline from Unfancy is also co-hosting the challenge!

You can follow the challenge on Instagram with the hashtags  #summer10x10 and the ongoing hashtags — #unfancyremix and #stylebee10x10.

I am joining in and I am challenging myself to use my ethical/sustainable clothes for this capsule. In my guest blog post for Good Cloth, I talked about some of the beliefs I needed to get over before switching to sustainable fashion. It defeats the point to switch mindless consumerism of fast fashion to mindless consumerism of ethical fashion, right? 

I don't have an extensive collection of ethical clothes because I only shop 1-2 times a year. A lot of the clothes that I will wear in this challenge were bought last April, that's my time of the year to shop because it's my birthday month (yes, month, not day!)

Here are the 10 pieces I chose: 

  • 3 t-shirts
  • 1 collar shirt
  • 2 pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 dress
  • 2 pairs of shoes 

This week I have to go to Cali, which is great because I don't have to worry about including outer is hot over there! One of the days I need to wear my "business attire" and I think I can pull it off with the skirt and the collar shirt, but definitely not with the shoes I picked for the challenge. I will have to cheat that day and wear different shoes! 

I already feel that this challenge will make me think about how I wear accessories. Who else is like me and pins all the posts about wearing a scarf 50 different ways and you never actually try it?!

UPDATED: Here is my recap of the challenge!

Who Made my Clothes?

In this 10x10 challenge, 9 out of the 10 items I picked are from sustainable brands. I have other pairs of shoes that are from ethical brands but they did not fit this capsule and the things I need to do this week, so I will use them in another challenge! 

The Striped top and Trousers from Armed Angels

Tag that came with my t-shirt. I love their Manifesto!

Tag that came with my t-shirt. I love their Manifesto!

The striped top and the blue trousers are from the German company Armed Angels. This is my first time buying clothes made from Tencel, and I love the material! The trousers are SO comfy I feel that I am wearing fancy pajamas.

Check out their blog, they are earnest and open about sharing their experiences as a fashion label and recently posted a story about a supplier that did not pass their audit! Armed Angels is part of the Fairwear Foundation, which ensures ethical and safe work conditions of garment workers. 

The T-shirts and Candy Skirt from People Tree

The palm print t-shirt, the lipstick t-shirt and the candy print skirt are from People Tree. I got them on sale in April so sadly they are not on the website anymore. Below is the tag with the story of my clothes. All three items were made at Assisi Garments, which is an Indian company that uses organic cotton and hires deaf and mute women in their factories. 

People Tree GOTS tag

The Indian Heritage Shirt from Fabric of Humanity

The white collar shirt is a crowdfunding campaign purchase from last year. The picture I took doesn't do justice to the shirt, but you'll see it better once I share the full outfits! I received a letter and a signed postcard with my purchase, I love these small details that make the purchasing experience more special! 

Click to enlarge the image and read the letter!

My Indian Heritage shirt is made in Jaipur, from GOTS certified organic cotton. The details in the cuff and the collar are block printed by hand and the buttons are carved from mother of pearl. 

The LBD from Ekyog

This was my first sustainable clothes purchase EVER (Mom paid for it, thanks)! It was winter of 2015. I had done some research on Ekyog as part of the business plan I was doing for my MBA thesis, and when I had the chance to visit Paris I went to one of their shops and got this black dress (it was hard to walk away with just the dress, they have so many beautiful things). The dress is made from Cupro, which is a textile made from regenerated cotton waste. I've worn this dress year round, the design is versatile and it can be dressed up or down very easily. 

Jett Coated Pants from Prana 

I bought this pair of Prana pants on Ash & Rose's platform. This was the first time I bought a pair of pants online, I have weird body proportions (I should weigh more for my height, so sometimes pants don't fit me). I had to take them to a seamstress because my ass is just not big enough to fill the pants *sniff*. I love the leather/shiny texture, it makes them more interesting! The pants are no longer at Ash & Rose's store, but I found them here (if you have Done Good installed in your browser it will tell you that this shop supports Trump products - do as you wish with this information!). 

Black Sandals from Fortress of Inca 

Fortress of Inca "What we Believe" statement. 

Fortress of Inca "What we Believe" statement. 

I freaking LOVE these sandals, and I like telling the story of how I found these shoes. It was February 2017, we were spending the last days of our honeymoon in Miami (we did a heavy metal cruise for four days, #besttimeever) and we were walking around South Beach when I found Nomad Tribe's shop. I had not heard of them but I was excited that I found this place because I WAS looking for a place to shop for black sandals, they had been in my wishlist for quite a while! The whole time I was in Miami I was resisting buying from other shops because I wanted to shop from an ethical brand. I felt like the universe rewarded my patience because I also got a good discount as they were closing that location at the end of the month (you can now find them in Wynwood). The sandals are from Fortress of Inca, a company that works with artisans in Peru to manufacture high quality, EXTREMELY comfortable, and stylish shoes. I wore them the second I bought them and walked the entire afternoon with my new shoes. No blisters, no tired feet, NADA! I have sensitive skin and new shoes give me blisters, it is very rare when that doesn't happen to me. 

Boots from Bocage (Not sure where they stand on sustainability and ethics)

Bocage is a French shoe company that's been around for 50 years. I bought these shoes on a trip to Belgium and I wore the hell out of them during fall 2015-winter 2016. I decided to include them because I haven't worn them since last year, they were sitting in my closet for so long that mold started to grow on them *gasp*. I am taking them out for this challenge because I've been stuck in a rut wearing the same clothes and shoes while half of my closet is just sitting there. I tried looking into their website for information on their manufacturing and sustainability, and the only thing I found was that they still manufacture about 25% of their shoes in France.

Be sure to check out the recap post to see how I styled this capsule!