Wear With Ease, a brand by Nepalese-Swiss NGO Kam For Sud

Dear fashionistas, 

I am taking a break from my absence to share with you the story behind Wear With Ease. This is a clothes and accessories line that just launched this year and is the result of years of collaboration between Swiss and Nepalese people. The brand is part of the NGO Kam For Sud, who has been in Nepal for the past 20 years creating better opportunities in health and education. 

With the Wear with Ease collection, you get to experience the art and spirit of the Himalayas. All items are hand made in Nepal by artisans, and the materials are locally sourced. Think Yak-wool, Tibetan sheep-wool, cashmere, Himalayan nettle, linen, Eri silk, Nepalese crystal, lokta paper, recycled saris, brass, horn...

I am happy to share this story with you because I met Ms. Coty Jeronimus, who is the coordinator of the Wear with Ease project, when I was doing my MBA in Switzerland. So yes, I can categorically say that this project is in the right hands, it is business built from the heart and with a sincere desire to preserve Nepalese heritage and to bring it to the rest of the world with these modern designs. 

Look at this beautiful poncho made from yak wool...

And this cute set of knitwear

Check out their online shop and follow their brand ambassador Anina Mutter on Instagram!


Today is December 1st which is a special day because it is the start of DRESSEMBER! I encourage you to look up their campaign and join the fundraising!