Ethical Style Roundup: Instagrammers to follow

This week's Instagram search took me as far as Japan! Check out some note-worthy looks from Instagrammers all over the world 😍

Sophie Benson, Freelance Writer and Crochet Master

After seeing Sophie's account I realize that I still play it safe with pattern mixing! I loved this pattern mix outfit, sourced from vintage and second-hand shops. Unusual but it definitely works! Check out Sophie's blog + crochet accessories here

Kristen from TerraVitae Blog

Kim from K&K Labs

IT'S A SCARF WITH LOTS OF 🐼!!! Like, what else do I need to say? Find more animal and nature prints here

Sweet Things

Red + those flats = #instalove. Wish I knew what the caption said though. But fashion is universal, so 😍😍😍

Kasia Ethical Ware

Make sure to wear your long sleeves today 😄 ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈ #englishsummer

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Love the green hair + punk style + badass vegan look. P.S. Check out her Instagram to win this sweater! 

Ellen, Thrifting Superstar

Ellen is a constant fashion inspiration to me. This outfit is so cute! Check out her Instagram for more fun with fashion and thrifting! 

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