Day to Night Tent Dress

This lovely tent dress from Cossac is one of my favorite pieces for a day or night look. Depending on what you pair it with, you can dress it up or dress it down! Cossac is a UK-based brand that produces ethical and sustainably designed items; they want to reduce waste and maximize usefulness, which I think we can all get behind. This tent dress is made from 100% Tencel and has a lovely, light denim wash look. It’s asymmetrical for an extra fashionable edge, too!

It’s important to find pieces that make your wardrobe flexible, rather than just finding a new piece every time you want a new look! This dress does just that, so I figured I’d show how versatile it is.

design 3 revised (1).jpg

Tent Dress Day Look

If you want to wear the tent dress during the day, I recommend more casual, functional accessories. I paired it with a bag from What Daisy Did, a UK-based brand that works with artisans in India and uses leftover leather for its manufacturing. Check out their ethics and sustainability page here.

Then I found these signature silver earrings from PURPOSE Jewelry, a brand that works with human trafficking survivors. Besides the work and training opportunities given through the brand, PURPOSE also provides holistic care to survivors. And to tie the look together, I recommend these super comfy flats from Bourgeois Boheme. They are a UK brand that has recently launched a line of shoes made from pineapple leather, plus they have no animal products and focus on ethical manufacturing practices. Their PINATEX styles are one-of-a-kind and feel like textured leather - all while being sustainable and ethical.

Tent Dress Evening Look

Of course, the thing I love most about this tent dress is that it’s just perfect for a night out, too. To “dress it up” a bit, I recommend setting it off with some color. This beaded statement necklace is made by Servv, a company that works to employ artisans, source local suppliers, and eliminate poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries. Servv is a vendor on Love Justly and the pieces on this site are affordable and stylish. The entire company is also on a mission to make ethical fashion affordable and they give back to great causes and also support artisan-made, sustainable products.

Don’t forget your “going out” bag if you’re looking for an evening look! The clutch I chose is hand embroidered by artisans in Punjab, India. The designer, Leah Singh, hires artisans who work with traditional embroidery techniques native to this region. Finally, you can pair the tent dress with these champagne colored sandals from Poppy Barley, one of my favorite shoe brands. Not only are their pieces fashionable and affordable, but they have strong commitment to their workers and to sustainability practices in general.

This tent dress is one of my favorite examples of a sustainable wardrobe. You can use it for a variety of moods and events and it never gets old! Finding versatile pieces from high-quality, sustainable designers is key to creating a truly conscious wardrobe.

Let me know: What do you think about this look? Would you wear it? Which pieces caught your attention?