A fresh start

Ta-da! Welcome to the reincarnation of the Conscious Fashionista blog! 

What started as a gut reaction after watching The True Cost video has become a full-time passion. The Conscious Fashionista officially began end of 2015, but I was not consistent with my content because I had an MBA thesis to write at the time. I picked it up again in August 2016; since then I started a newsletter, a Facebook page, increased my presence on Twitter and started using Instagram religiously. 

During the re-launch in 2016, I completely changed the design of the blog. Twice. It went from total amateur to less-amateurish. Now that I am planning to grow The Conscious Fashionista, I felt that it was time for a new look and better content! 

Things that are coming down the pipeline - and I am telling you now because I suck at following through if there is no accountability...

  • Behind the scenes: I'll be showing you the work spaces of some ethical fashion brands. Because you are VIP! 
  • Increasing the geek dial: I promise it won't be boring. I'm a boss when it comes to talking science. We'll talk textiles and things to know so you are not shafted by greenwashing eco-douches. 
  • MOAR STYLE! But this time, I am narrowing my focus. I will talk about women's clothes, but I won't venture into bohemian style. Here, you will find a mix of Parisian chic with a dash of devil-worshipping latina spice. Just kidding. I worship no one. #HEATHENLIFE
  • MOAR CITY GUIDES! And I need your help with this one, which destination should I do next? 


Those who have followed my journey from the beginning, THANK YOU! Your support is what motivates me to learn and improve this site.