Breakfast Swim - The Sustainable Bikini Brand

SoCal babe meets sustainability

Breakfast Swim Econyl Swimsuit Avocado and Toast

Katie Martello combines her love for the ocean, illustration and California in the launch of her brand Breakfast Swim. I love that more and more fashion brands are using ECONYL in their products, and Breakfast Swim has joined the club as well! 

What is Econyl?

Econyl is an innovative fabric made from recycled nylon. This nylon is obtained from fishing nets, carpets, and industrial plastic waste. Their process is able to regenerate the nylon over and over again without losing any of its properties, which is why Econyl is even better than recycling, it is a closed loop! Here's a video explaining the six-step process to create Econyl.  

Breakfast Swim is made in Bali, the colors are Oeko Tex certified, which means that they have been independently tested for harmful chemicals and 1% of all profits will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit that has several programs to fight ocean acidification, pollution and sustainable fisheries. The fabric is printed using low-impact digital technology, which is an eco-friendly method as it uses less water and chemicals in the process. 

The Designs

The first collection of Breakfast Swim has three models that can be mixed and matched according to your style. My favorite is the Margarita (shown below in white).

Breakfast Swim Margarita Econyl Swimsuit

Another perk of the bathing suits is that they are reversible! Here is a screenshot of their prints and combining solid color. My favorite is the avocado and toast print, pink is not a color that suits me but that pastel blue would look beautiful on my olive-tanned skin (I just made that up, I should look up my skin color in Pantone's catalog lol). 

Screenshot (65).png

Being "cheeky" is part of Breakfast Swim's trademark, so the bottoms are designed to flatter your bum! The tops are also designed for maximum comfort and style (no underboobs, or side boobs or straps digging into your skin!) This might sound like an obvious design consideration but mass market fashion doesn't think about this stuff and then they try to sell us pants with tiny pockets and swimsuits that dig into your skin and can't stay put (how many times have I been terrified of a wave knocking my bikini top...? TOO MANY!) 

Take advantage of the presale price and support their Kickstarter campaign! 

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