AmaElla Lingerie launches its e-shop!

Crowdfunding is a great way to democratize fashion, and that's why I love supporting crowdfunding projects from up-and-coming ethical and sustainable fashion brands. 

AmaElla Ethical Lingerie launched its crowdfunding campaign last year and it hit the Internet like a storm. In its first week, they had raised 75% of their target! I'm not surprised, their beautiful designs and commitment to sustainability and ethics made it a no-brainer for shoppers! GOTS-certified organic cotton and OEKO TEX standard trims are used in all of their products. Their manufacturing partners in the UK is a non-profit organization that works with young women, providing training and skills in the fashion industry. Their manufacturer in Portugal employs locals and is GOTS certified, which means that they are audited every year and must adhere to environmental and socially responsible manufacturing standards.

What's new since the crowdfunding campaign?

I recently spoke to Julie Kervadec, co-founder of AmaElla, to find out. They have finished all the manufacturing of the crowdfunding pre-orders, and they have launched their e-shop! The first collection consists of 7 pieces: 2 briefs, 2 bras, 1 pajama set and 1 negligee. The wired bra ranges from 32A to 38C, which is awesome news! I'm a 34C, and even with regular brands I have to settle for less options because not all models are made in all sizes. 

So far, my ethical shopping has focused on outerwear because...#instagram. I guess I could show you my undies, maybe get shadow-banned on Instagram for a few days, but I am trying to get my act together and keep the panty-showing to context-appropriate situations!   

I still have to venture into underwear, fitness clothing and makeup. To be honest, I didn't give much thought to this part of my wardrobe until recently. I bought a couple of organic cotton shirts and I can tell you that there is a huge difference between my crappy fast fashion cotton shirts and my organic cotton shirts. OH MY. Organic cotton fabric is SO SOFT and it feels amazing against the skin! I can only imagine what it must be to wear organic cotton undies!

How does the price stack up against regular brands? 

AmaElla lingerie is handmade in the UK and Portugal. cotton and ethical labor practices are included in the price. Let that sink in for a moment. As a reference, I looked up the fanciest bra brand I have (Chantelle, which is pretty high-end) and they retail at Harrod's for 50-65 GBP. The most expensive one in the catalog is made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. All that money for synthetics!

Meanwhile, AmaElla's Duchess wired bra is 85 GBP. For an extra 20, I can wrap my boobs in a delicious layer of organic softness and have the guarantee that whoever made my underwear was paid fairly and treated with dignity. You can't put a price on that, but in this case, it's an extra 20. 

Curious to experience a new kind of luxury? 

I am! For the next two weeks, use code BAGAMAELLACF and get a free lingerie bag with your purchase!

AmaElla Lingerie bag special offer