Milo + Nicki: No dream is too big

It's day 3 of Fashion Revolution! 

With campaigns and events all over the world, I hope that you have found something that has inspired you to keep asking "Who made my clothes?" 

I really love what I do, and it amazes me to think that technology is what makes this blog possible. I mean, how cool is it that I can be in Colombia and have great conversations with people from all over the world, and put our brains together to collaborate and support each other's work? It is such a normal thing to do nowadays that we don't stop to think that it is an AMAZING feat, but I still remember Alta Vista, Napster and Nokia phones before you could even play Snake! 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great chat with Nicki Patel, founder of Milo + Nicki. She is the creator of a lovely 6-piece capsule and launched her Kickstarter campaign last week.  

About the clothes

Milo + Nicki Maxi Dress

All the pieces are hand dyed with plant-based indigo, handwoven Ahimsa ‘peace’ silk + GOTS certified organic cotton blend and biodegradable. The pieces also have original design embroidery, non-toxic, phthalates and formaldehyde free, water-based print, pockets lined with GOTS certified organic cotton and hand burnt Corozo nut button from Italy. The fabric is hand-loomed in India, the pieces are designed in Austin and the pieces are made in the New York. 


No dream is too big
No passion is too small
No routine is unbreakable
— Nicki, Founder of Milo + Nicki
Milo + Nicki Milano dress

This collection is the expression of someone who is seeking her purpose in a world full of noise. Before Milo + Nicki was born, Nicki was a busy accountant who worked part-time doing graphic design and also worked for a fashion brand...until her health (and her pup's health!) started suffering from her stressful and demanding work. 

I sincerely admire Nicki for having the courage to stop, regroup and think about what she wanted to do with her life. I had to hit rock bottom several times before I realized that I was chasing after a version of success that was defined by others. I am still figuring out what is my own definition of success! That's why I took that quote from her Kickstarter video, it resonated with me...just as "no routine is unbreakable", there is no fixed path. If you don't like where your career, life, relationships are going, there is always a choice. Don't let other people or society decide for you! 

In that time, Nicki came up with the idea for the brand, and used her life experience to shape every detail of her first collection. The name is inspired by her love for her dog and the dynamic duo that they are, the pieces are named after her family members and the design is inspired by her love for the ocean and her Indian and Zambian roots. 

Transparency, sustainability and ethics are at the core of the design and manufacturing process. The leftover fabrics are turned into accessories, and the fabric is sourced from a distributor in India who works with artisans and pays them fair wages. 

My Favorite Piece

My favorite piece is the SMOTHER JUMPSUIT, and in this Kickstarter you can get it for 249$ which is a great deal considering the materials used and the ethical labor conditions. If I wanted a similar style and material I'd have to look at designers like DVF and spend 500$ for a jumpsuit that has no traceability! 

Want to learn more about the campaign?

But wait, there's more...!

We are also doing a giveaway! 

I am thrilled to have partnered with Milo+Nicki to offer our followers the chance to win one of the pieces from their first collection. The 100% biodegradable Paws for Change scarf is a gender + pet neutral scarf, ethically-made in the USA of cruelty-free, handwoven fibers with natural indigo dye and water based print.

As we ‘paws’ for change in the ethical and sustainable fashion movement, we hope this scarf will bring the same joy, happiness, and passion Milo, my pup, has brought to me.
— Nicki

It is easy care and great for wearing around your neck, as a headband, around your wrist, or as a bandana around your pup. It is one size fits all animals & humans!


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