The Conscious Fashionista has been online since 2015, but I consider myself a baby blogger. It was only until April 2017 that I started working on this blog on a consistent basis and treating it as a publication instead of a hobby. 

What is this blog about?

The Conscious Fashionista mission is based on three C's: 

CHANGE attitudes towards fashion and consumption by helping readers

CURATE a closet that works for them and their lifestyle, and 

CULTIVATE their knowledge and curiosity about sustainability and ethics. 

Why is this important?

I don't want to replace mindless consumerism of fast fashion for mindless consumerism of ethical fashion. 

The fashion industry is guilty of polluting and treating its workers poorly. While it is comfortable to blame corporations for the mess we are in, we also have a role as consumers to change the way things are done. That's why I encourage readers to work their closet before they buy! 

Check out my wardrobe experiments where I explore ways to work my closet and these ethical and sustainable fashion outfits for inspiration.  

Searching for outfit inspiration that is ethical/sustainable is still difficult to do with just Pinterest or Instagram! So I have also started the Weekly Roundup Series in which I share outfit inspiration from real-life conscious fashionistas. If you want to be considered for a feature, use the hashtag #consciousfashionistastyle so I can find you! 

Knowledge is Power 

Consumers also have the power to advocate for change if they are knowledgeable about the sustainability and ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry. That's why I'll be covering some of these topics in the blog (and I promise to make them an enjoyable read!)

Head over to the Nerd Talk section and let's geek out about fashion! Or get to know these brands that are fighting the status quo.